Will it hurt?

Well, yeah its gonna hurt you are pulling hair out!  It does, however only hurt for the second that the hair is being pulled out of the follicle.  Most people say that the pain is much less than that of waxing. The pain does not linger as the sugar only extracts hair and does not adhere to any live skin cells.   *You are more than welcome to take an ibuprofin 30 minutes prior to your appointment to alleviate some discomfort.  


How long should my hair be?

The hair should be as long as possible.  At least 14 days of growth for the best results if it is your first time getting sugared.  We can trim if necessary.  It is better to be "too long" than not long enough.  If it is not long enough the sugar will have nothing to grab on to, it will be more painful and you might have to reschedule your appointment.  


When should I come back for my next appointment?

Everyone is different.  We recommend coming back between 4-6 weeks to maintain your smoothness!  Your time frame may differ depending on how fast your hair grows.  *You will notice the more you sugar the less hair grows back between appointments!  That is also why the price goes down if you come back within the 4-6 week maintenance period.   


What should I do for after-care at home?

In between appointments, at home, it is recommended to exfoliate on a regular basis.  A sugar or salt scrub will work or exfoliating gloves with any soap or shower gel you already know works for you is great too.  Tanning or sun exposure is not recommended until 24 hours after your service.  The same with any activity involving friction.

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