What in the world is sugaring?

Sugaring is the ancient art of body hair removal used and perfected by Egyptians thousands of years ago.  It is an all natural, specialty service provided by licensed and certified cosmetologists and estheticians at Otto+Grand Salon. 

Unwanted hair is removed using an all natural, warm paste made up of only sugar, water and lemon juice.  It looks and feels similar to honey and is only slightly warmer than body temperature.  The sugar will never burn you.  


The sugar paste is first placed (molded) onto the skin, with a gloved hand, in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The sugar paste is then 'flicked' off, in the direction of the hair growth, taking any and all hair with it. This unique application eliminates breakage and lessens the chance for ingrown hairs.  It is also more sanitary as there is no chance for "double dipping" as there is with the traditional method of wax using a strip and stick.

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