When you come in for your appointment you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.  Sugaring services are performed in a private treatment room at Otto+Grand Salon.   Every discretion is made concerning your privacy while sugaring services are being provided.

 You can rest assured that you will be treated in a warm and professional manner, as Jamie, the sugarist at Otto+Grand Salon is a licensed cosmetologists through the state of Michigan.  She is also Alexandria Professional Sugaring Practitioner Certified and an exclusive educator through Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring as well.  

Once you have filled out the intake form, you will be escorted back to the treatment room and a brief consultation will take place to ensure you receive the best service possible.  This may include specifying the areas you wish to be sugared, or discussing any issues you may be experiencing with your skin on the area you wish to have hair removed from. 

You will then be instructed on how to prepare for your service.  This may include where to lay on the sugaring bed, how far to undress, and which products to use before the sugaring service begins.  If necessary, the sugarist will then excuse herself from the treatment room and allow you to continue on with the instructions that were given.  She usually gives you a few minutes to undress, if necessary, cleanse the area to be sugared and cover up with the available towel.

Hopefully this information has calmed the anxiety you may have felt before coming in, or booking your sugaring appointment.   

The trained sugarist at Otto+Grand Salon is the most comfortable to talk to and work with.  If you are at all nervous at the time of your service, those feelings are quickly dispelled by the sugarist's candor and ability to find humor in the most scariest of situations. Especially if it is your first time getting a Brazilian, or anything in that realm of intense awkwardness!  

The first time for anything is always a little frightening.  The sugarist also gets sugaring services done themselves, so she knows what you are going through, and about to experience. 

Sugar is naturally antibacterial, and is a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin because of its all natural ingredients consisting only of sugar, water and lemon juice!

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